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The ancient volcanic foothills of Monterey’s coastal range, the bountiful and sunny Salinas Valley, the wind and fog from the Pacific Ocean, and the oversized rocks from the Arroyo Seco River all come together to create the unique terroir of our estate vineyards. This balance of elements allows us to craft the elegant and varietally-correct wines of Rocklin Ranch.

Sustainable Farming

Our sustainable practices are as much a part of our wine as our grapes. To share our love of winemaking and our vineyards with the next generation while paving the way for future innovation is at the very heart of what it means to be sustainable. Our winery and vineyards are certified sustainable by GLOBALG.A.P., BRC, and the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance.

Estate Grown

The wines of Rocklin Ranch are created from grapes grown on our very own estate vineyards. In this ideal setting, strong winds and thick fog from the nearby Pacific Ocean sweep through the valley nightly, cooling the vines and lengthening hang-time. Our extended growing season allows flavors to concentrate within the grapes, resulting in exceptional wines with layered complexity.

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